The U.S. is one of the most developed nations in the world, but there are still areas that are poorly marked or not marked at all by street signs or other distinguishing signage. It’s a situation that poses extreme danger for law enforcement whether it’s local police, game wardens, Texas Rangers or border patrol officers.

Officers are often called upon to operate in the desert, on river banks and outlying areas with no discernable feature to use as a reference point when assistance is required. Adding to the problem is that some areas are known locally by different “names” by multiple agencies.

The Texas Guardians app provides a simple and effective solution when backup, fire or medical assistance is required. When activated, the app pings an officer’s precise location whether they’re in a vehicle, on horseback or on foot. Officers can quickly summon aid if they’re threatened, injured or when conducting search and rescue operations. It’s equally effective for tracking agents that are working undercover.

Illegal dumping of trash, tires and chemicals is also a problem. It’s typically local ranchers that discover these sites, but residents often don’t know what agency to contact about a specific problem. The app directs multiple types of notifications to the appropriate agency. The app can also alert headquarters when a dead body or bundle of drugs is found.

Law enforcement officials are being assaulted and facing greater challenges in pursuit of their profession. Police must contend with the ongoing problems of the manufacture of 3D guns, fewer officers available to serve large areas, human trafficking and illegal aliens.

Officers are facing rising crime rates, more weapons and drugs on the streets, and they must navigate the intricacies of dealing with those with mental health issues. Those responsible for upholding the law are more vulnerable than at any other time in history.

The Texas Guardians excels in technology alert notification. The company’s app is activated by a single tap and provides precise coordinates of the user when response times matter most. The app can be customized with a specific logo and colors to make it easy for officers to locate on their phone.

Any phrase or instant alert can be created and attached to a distress call without the need to type it in or talk on the phone. Instant alerts can be sent to the dispatch center of choice, 911 services that accept text messages, or to the tablets of administrators.

The Texas Guardians is a leader in the market with a product specifically designed for school safety in the event of an active shooter. The company has specialized expertise in informatics, telephony, mobile devices, computer software, 911 dispatch communication, and safety/active shooter drills.

The Texas Guardians App provides a simple and effective solution that enhances the safety of las enforcement. It provides precise coordinates to any officer’s location when they need backup, fire or medical services, SWAT or bomb experts. It’s particularly beneficial for enhancing police safety in areas that are sparsely populated and locations that lack appropriate signage.