The Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 11, a landmark Bill designed to keep students safe in educational environments. It improves school infrastructure, physical barriers, security officers, collaboration with police, and use of advanced technology. The legislation helps identify at-risk students, perform threat assessments, and provide mental health support. The technology element of the bill already exists and is ready to be employed in the form of The Texas Guardians App.

The App exceeds requirements of the new policy model and is available for all levels of school officials from bus drivers to administration. The App provides multi-agency collaboration to identify risks, threats and provide appropriate interventions for harmful, threatening, or violent behaviors to students or staff.

The Texas Guardians App can send reports about suspicious activities to school teams as part of the mental health assessment, investigative, and intervention process. The App reports imminent threats with a panic button, as well as potential threats for school team assessment.
Cyberbullying, physical stalking, sexual assault, and dating violence occur in and outside of school. All of those behaviors can be reported with the App, along with in-school actions including weapons and fighting to violence against teachers.


The App includes suicide and mental health reporting as part of the comprehensive mental health policies of Senate Bill 11.

The App reports activities and behaviors that pose a risk to individuals, the school or the community, allowing authorities to respond to any imminent threat or emergency. The app can notify parents, school security personnel, and coordinate with local law enforcement when appropriate to provide pinpoint accuracy on location, enabling officials to quickly diffuse dangerous situations.

Under Senate Bill 11, school employees must have access to communication devices such as cell phones for immediate reporting. The Texas Guardians App enables users to summon firefighters, medics, and police with a single tap of a button on the phone. The App immediately performs a variety of functions to aid potential victims avoid detection and mobilize help.

The App provides a powerfully enhanced means of communication that meets the Senate Bill’s Safety Planning requirements. It’s appropriate for conducting drills and lockdown procedures mandated under the new Bill. The Texas Guardians also has its own SWAT team that can be utilized for training. For an additional fee, The Texas Guardians can conduct a mock drill or any type of training included with the App.

The Texas Legislature has provided a comprehensive school safety plan under Senate Bill 11. Schools don’t have to wait for the technological component of the legislation. It exists now in The Texas Guardians App. The App already meets and exceeds the new standards set forth for early identification, assessment, reporting, and intervention under the Senate Bill.