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Rather than feeling safer when individuals see a police presence, they typically assume it’s a worst case scenario of an active shooter. The mere presence of police with guns can contribute to an ongoing sense of fear, especially in children.

Well-documented research has proven that ongoing exposure to guns, gunfire and gun violence causes stress, trauma, and affect a child’s physical, mental and emotional development. Even the anticipation of gun-related violence is resulting in students that exhibit greater levels of dependence, fear and overall anxiety.

The Texas Guardians has developed a technologically advanced app Teenager's phones that’s been proven to precisely pinpoint the exact location of the use or the reporting of the threat within seconds and transmit that data to local law enforcement or parents.


The App is customizable and multiple types of alerts can be sent, including homicidal or suicidal thoughts.

o learn more about the entire features and functions that are available, please book a call. 

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