Craving human connection

It’s strange that we're all craving human connection now that we can’t be close to our loved ones or travel to see them.

Individuals in their golden years, our seniors, the ones who thought they’ve seen it all,  never thought they'd see the day they couldn't visit with their kids or hold their grand-kids.

They fear that a hug or a kiss may put them at risk. Yet, they also feel forgotten

Distance App

As if active shooting at schools, churches, concerts and medical center weren’t enough to highlight the need for a way to report and address mental health issues, the attack of today’s new threat to isolate ourselves proves that it’s imperative.

The Corona Virus has taken the lives of hundreds and has infected thousands around the world. The New Norm is Distancing or Isolation. The impact of mental health is now a bigger issue than ever.  As a matter of fact, our younger generation was already distancing themselves without even knowing due to smart devices such as cell phones.

Distance, is what's on our minds.  No. it’s not the end of the world, but it sure feels like life is more fragile than ever. As we sit here, we tend to look at our phones more than we do each other.

About Us

Connecting love ones across the world  

Introducing The Texas Guardians Golden Years Application.

Residents of the facility will now be able to video chat with their loved ones they normally see.  Our simple, basic and inexpensive technology is needed today.  Call us today to schedule a phone conversation to discuss this much needed product.

No hard-wiring needed and can be up and running within 24 hours. Set price is $599.00 per month per facility.

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